Moolah Shrine is temporarily closed

Following the recommendations of the local, state, and federal mandates, Moolah Shrine Center will remain closed. Knowing that in difficult times we like to share fellowship and support of others. Please stay strong and follow all the guidelines, including self-isolation and social distancing.
I ask that all units, clubs, and committees to be safe and not meet nor participate in events until the authorities feel it is safe and the virus is under control. If there is a need to conduct business, be safe, and do so using virtual meetings, a free account is available on
Your board of directors meets regularly to discuss current events. With the postponement of the circus, multiple steps and budget changes are being implemented to maintain the continuity of Moolah. The office is virtually open, and the staff is working remotely. Please continue to be patient and communicate via email and if by be patient waiting for a callback.
Be safe and stay healthy.
Ill. Sir Russell Georgen
Moolah Temple