Masters at Moolah Party & Shrimp Boil will follow the Fall Ceremonial

Dear Nobles,

We are having our Fall Ceremonial on November 17. I know that some of you will be in the woods, drinking beer and shooting deer, and I wish you good luck!

For those of you that don’t hunt, I am asking for your participation by bringing your candidates, helping us welcome new nobles, and helping us with the party. Our theme is The Masters at Moolah. This is mini golf course throughout our unit, club, and committee rooms. Shrine Clubs-we would love your participation, and we would be glad to find you a space.

You will be responsible for creating a hole, which you can make as easy or difficult as you choose, and providing Nobles with information about your unit. We also ask that you write the score on each participant’s card. You are also responsible for snacks in your room.

We will provide each participating unit, club, and committee with a putter, and we will provide each participant with a souvenir ball and a coozie. A beer cart will roam each floor of the building and provide Camel’s milk.

We have this tentatively planned for 4-6. Please close your rooms, and join us at 6:30 for a shrimp boil dinner in the Oasis. At dinner, we will provide attendance prizes, prizes for the top players, and a trophy for the best hole.

Please let me know by November 2nd if we can count on your club’s assistance. Thanks for your help in making The Masters at Moolah a success!

Sincerely,Shaun Ruether
Second Ceremonial Master

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