Thank you for putting your faith in me to be your Potentate for 2019. I am proud to hold this position and look forward to a great year. This year will mark the 130th Potentate of Moolah Shrine in conjunction with my 30th year as a Shriner. I have made many new friends since being on the Divan advancing line. Getting to know more of our Club members has been very enjoyable. Our Shrine Clubs are a big part of what makes Moolah one of the best Temples in North America. My motto for this year is “Together We Are One”. It refers to going back to your Blue Lodges to support and being involved with them as much as you can. By helping them grow, it will, in turn, help us grow. Our Blue Lodges are our roots and we need to let them know we are here to help.

Our Ceremonial Cast is one of the best. I believe we need to have all of our candidates see the great job they do. I have two ceremonials scheduled for 2019 and I do not plan to do any short forms on meeting nights. Potential candidates can still come to your unit events and see what we do. By waiting, it may help keep them active when they become Shriners.

We will kick off 2019 with our first bus trip to Hannibal, MO to install the new officers at Nemo Shrine on January 5th. It will be the first of many installations to take place throughout the first three months of the year. Our Potentate’s Ball is February 23rd. This will be a black-tie event. First Lady Diane and I hope you will join us for a night of fun. We will have hotel information and shuttles available soon.

Circus preparations have been well under way. Circus Chairman/Chief Rabban Russell Georgen and Circus Director Ron Reynolds have pledged to do $1 dollar better than last year to beat that great year we had for 2018. I think they can do it! Remember, the Circus is a Temple Callout. A Temple Callout is a call to all members to come out and help. There are things to do before, during and after the Circus. This is our biggest fund raiser and it takes a lot of people to pull it off. The Shrine Clubs can help too. We have committees that need help during the Circus. Come for one or two shows or whatever you have time for. If you can help, please see our Circus Director, Ron Reynolds.

We will also have the Sportsman Raffle again. This event has been a success and is getting better and better each year. It is also an event that every unit, club and committee can get involved in as well.
As most of you know, the Ballroom needs some renovating. This is going to be a big project this year. We will be proposing new carpet, wall coverings, lights, dance floor and other features to bring it up to date. Besides work on the dance floor and new AC units, not much has been done aesthetically to that room since we took over the building. We hope to have details ready at the January meeting.

Speaking of the January meeting. I am going to be starting the Stated Meetings at 7:00PM instead of 7:30PM. The Ladies are welcome, and Bunco will be played during the meeting for them.

As I close, as your Potentate for 2019, Lady Diane and I are there for you as you need us. We have been so blessed to have been supported in our journey by our families and our friends and will continue even stronger for yet another great year.


Illustrious Sir Don Taylor