Nobles and Ladies,

April was a fun and eventful Celebration for Moolah Shrine. To “re-cap” some of the accomplishments we start with two larger commercial dumpsters to haul off un-recyclable items, while many were donated to a good home as they were no longer needed at Moolah. A new “Bride’s Preparation Room” was created in the former Out State Club room, and a Youth Room is nearing completion in the former Provost Room. Many hours of labor were donated on exterior grounds “spring update” and our friend Splatters applied some fresh paint to several areas in dire need. New office furniture was donated to upgrade our aging desk and cabinets, and we moved Diane Kitsmiller’s office to a more favorable location. Better yet, we had a room full of Fez’s and a little fun at our stated meeting, after enjoying the music from the band while enjoying a true “Masonic Meal” of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and green beans for some. I cannot express my appreciation enough for the support given to “The Pote’s Celebration”. I think most had an outstanding evening with GREAT food, a dynamic band, and some VERY tasty Margarita’s.

Nobles, our Masonic Lodges are opening back up and starting to do degree work, I encourage each of you to support their/our efforts. Mark your calendars for June 5th for a Hillbilly Degree, June 16th for a Ceremonial in honor of Jeff Kitsmiller Sr. We are going to eat at 5:00 PM on the 16th with Ladies and guests invited to observe our opening, limited business meeting, and most of the Shrine Ceremonial. It will be a Hot Sands Ceremonial of which the ladies will not observe so get your candidates ready and the petitions in by our May meeting so we can vote on them. To complete the month of June, The Potentate’s Presentation Ball will be held June 26th having been postponed from February due to COVID. It is truly a privilege to serve as your Potentate with the support of the Nobility, for the best Shrine Center in the system. Say your prayer, wear your Fez with pride, and make that extra effort to make a difference in someone’s life.


Ill. Sir Joe Shivley