The circus season is finally over!!! We had a great parade and circus kick-off. Thank you to everyone who pitched in to make both events a success. Russell did a great job running the kick-off and Wayne did a great job with our parade. However, it is a team effort so every hand that helped was an important part of making these events a success.

So how did we do at the circus? We did great! We had an attendance of 38,800. That ranks third in total attendance in our history at the Family Arena. We were up 5,325 people over last year. Nice work Nobles and ladies! We also set a record for floor operations revenue, parking revenue, and concession revenue. Novelty sales captured the second highest revenue of all time at the Family Arena as well. These are great accomplishments and everyone who worked hard needs to know the hard work paid off!
So what is the final number? At this point we do not have the numbers from the Family Arena nor do we have all the tickets and money turned in from our Nobles and ladies. The sooner we get all the tickets and money in, the sooner we will know just how well we did. But with these numbers, we are confident we outperformed our budgeted goal. We can all be proud of the hard work we did for this circus and a special thanks to the Ron and Don team for their leadership and the committee for their hard work!

I would also like to thank our membership chairman for attending every performance to see if our public announcements would provide us some future candidates. I got great feedback from Jeff and we are sure we will create some new Nobles from this addition to the circus. Jeff has dozens of interested men we can follow-up with for membership.

We have some fun events coming in the months ahead. We have the Chicken Stag night on April 13th. $10 for a chicken dinner and we will have various card games going on that night for an evening of fellowship amongst our Nobles. We also have the widows lunch on April 15th so please reach out to any widow you know and let them know about this great event just for them.

April is membership month. We have a C2A class coming on April 28th so work hard to get candidates through their Entered Apprentice so that we can get them through the C2A and then on to the ceremonial on May 5th. Look inside for details on the spring ceremonial. The Ceremonial May 5th is about legacy. Let’s see how many of our own family members we can get to join our fraternity via the May 5th ceremonial. It is fast approaching.

I am very proud to say that the ceremonial will be in honor of my dad, Noble Jim McEvoy. My dad has been a Shriner for over 50 years and is the reason today I am writing this article. Also, the ladies program on May 5th is in honor of my mother Pat McEvoy. I know that many of you know just how hard my mom and dad work for our organization and I only hope that I make them proud of me this year.

I love you Mom and Dad!

We also have the Shriner Cardinal game coming in May on the 19th. We really need to boost our participation in this event as it really helps promote who we are for both our fraternity and our patients.
We have plenty of other events coming so review the calendar of events and plan ahead to participate.

Kerry and I cannot say enough how proud we were of the hard work put in by both the Nobles and our ladies for this circus. Watching everyone work so hard was amazing and we cannot thank you all enough.

Let’s continue to have fun!


Illustrious Sir Kyle McEvoy