Thank you again for making our Moolah Shrine Circus a huge success! Billy Martin again brought an entertaining show for the entire family. The additional elephants and pony rides offered everyone an opportunity to get a ride and have family fun. Of course, none of this can be done without our members volunteering their time. I also want to thank the youth groups that also volunteered their time. Seeing all of them helping as they did, shows promise of our future in Masonry and Shrinedom.

April also brought us a visit by the Imperial Potentate, Imp. Sir Jim Cain and his Lady Patsy. They were here on our open Stated Meeting night to listen to our Patient Ambassador Riley Desin speak. We also had the Imperial Chief Rabban Jeff Sowder and his Lady Cheryl. It was a fun and informative night.

We have a lot of new members that will be coming in on the May 4th Ceremonial. I know this will most likely not reach you by the 4th, but know Moolah is growing. Our next scheduled Ceremonial is October 26th. There is time to get your prospect into Blue Lodge and have degrees done. Also, talk to your friends that are already Masons and let them know how much fun it is to be a Shriner and how we help our kids.

May 11th is our Lincoln Drive event. Come out to the Temple that Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm and take a test drive in a new Lincoln. A donation of $20 will be made to Moolah for every test drive taken up to $6,000. You must be 18 years old to take a test drive. It is open to everyone so get your friends and family to come out.

Mother’s Day is May 12th. We are having a brunch from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM in the Temple ballroom. For a small price, you can treat your lady, or ladies, to a great meal in honor of their day. Call the office and get signed up.
May 31st is the Ainad Circus Parade in Belleville Il. This is a big parade. Come out and help our Brothers kick off their Circus. Speaking of Ainad, last year we had a pinewood derby race at Moolah with our Brothers from Illinois. Moolah lost to them in the final race. This year we are going to Ainad in August for a rematch! Details will be coming.

June will be here soon and we are all in full summer mode and sunshine. Everyone be safe in whatever you are planning to do. Wear sunscreen to keep from getting sunburned. Don’t forget a hat if you need more protection on top.
There has been information in the media about the Foreigner concert on June 25th at the Family Arena. It should be a great concert. They will also be looking for volunteers to help sell CD’s like they do at other concerts. It is a great way to help volunteer your time, and also you get to see the show.

Imperial Session is coming up the first week in July. If you were planning on going to Nashville and have not made a room reservation please call the office. There may be some room left but we are running out fast.

CSSA is also coming up fast. Reservations are being made in Sioux City IA at the Stoney Creek Hotel. You need to make your own reservations for the rooms. We will be sending out a notice for registering fees with Moolah. This fee will cover the CSSA registration and Hospitality room for Moolah.

First Lady Diane and I hope to see all of you at the coming events.


Ill Sir Don Taylor