Well, the time has arrived to bring 2018 to a close. Kerry and I have had a wonderful time throughout our Divan journey. We have been fortunate to have had a great year and it truly is because of all of you.

As I reflect on the past 9 years, I can say there have been moments that have molded me as a person. I realize more than ever now just how special this fraternity and philanthropy are. There have been many special moments I have encountered on this journey that are unforgettable. I cannot say enough about the great Shriners we knew before and the Shriners we met along the way, these people have made this a wild ride, particularly this past year.

We hope 2018 was a great Shrine year for you, as we did our best to plan many events giving you plenty of opportunity to have fun. It was a ton of work, but we think it paid off and we thank you for supporting them. We were impressed by the attendance at every event and we hope it gave everyone an opportunity to meet new wonderful people within Moolah and other temples.

By the time you get this the ball will be over and election night will be right around the corner. We are prepared to hand off the leadership to the advancing line, as I am sure Don will get elected and have a great year. In all honesty, I will not be able to walk away, after being a member for 24 years and growing up as a son of a Shriner. Now with a son who is eager to get involved the Shrine has become a way of life for me. In addition to supporting Don and Diane to continue our successes as an organization, Kerry and I are look forward to watching our son enjoy this organization as much as we have. Who knows, maybe our other boys will also make the Shrine a part of their lives.

There is no way I can recap the year in this article. We are truly blessed to have been given this opportunity to serve you, the members and families of Moolah. There were so many accomplishments and unforgettable experiences. We had a record breaking circus at the Family Arena and it appears we will outperform our budget by a significant margin adding a very nice surplus. As for membership, it looks like we might just end the year positive for the first time in a long time without carry over non paid dues members. This is huge as it has only happened a few times since 1978!

Please review the 2018 list of unpaid dues inside, if you know anyone please call them, ask them to continue their membership, and invite them to an event to have a good time. Time is running out for them, let’s not lose them.

I cannot end this article without thanking those that worked above and beyond to make this year a success. First, we want to thank all the committees, Nobles and their families that supported the circus, the Sportsman’s Raffle, and the First Lady’s fund raiser. Next, we want to thank the widows. We must not forget these fine ladies and their wonderful husbands. They supported us throughout 2018 and we appreciate all of them. We want to thank all the units that helped us with financial donations, cooking, event participation, and the hard work at making them a success. We want to thank the Shrine Clubs for their gracious hospitality during installation season and the last 3 months, as I attempted to visit as many Shrine Clubs as I could. The Shrine Clubs are amazing groups and I would tell all of our Nobles to consider visiting them. We want to thank the aides who contributed throughout the year including our newest addition of the First Lady’s Aides. We want to thank the Divan and the Past Potentates for their support. They were always there for us willing to help out. We want to thank my parents, my brothers, and their families. We are a tight group and they supported us all year. I love you guys. There was one unbelievable group of people that was there for us the most, the Viners, the Benningtons, and the Meltons. These six people did so much this year, for not only us, but for all of you. I cannot say enough about this team and what they did to support all of Moolah. Above all, I have to thank Kerry. She was such a trooper these last 9 years. I cannot thank her enough for being there for me every step of the way. I love you so much, Kerry. We did it, we have finally completed the journey, together!

As I close, I would like to leave you with this. One of the most impactful things to happen to me as a Shriner happened this year. Honestly, it had nothing to do with a patient, but rather a member. I had the honor of fulfilling a major last request of a Noble before his death. A Noble I did not even know very well. It taught me just how important and impactful this organization can be on a man’s life. I was humbled to be able to use my time for the benefit of a brother Noble. Please keep this in mind, we get out of this fraternity what we put into it. One does not even need to put that much in to it in order to make a huge impact on someone else as well as themselves. As we move into 2019 please think about what you can do to help another noble or the patients; make it a goal for 2019. You will not regret it and it will only make this great fraternity even stronger.

Thanks for having fun this year and please continuing having fun for generations to come!


Kyle McEvoy
Illustrious Potentate 2018