The year is officially 1/3 over. What can I say, you all are the best! We had all kinds of fun at installations, the 70’s ball, a record breaking circus, our first stag event of the year and an amazing event for the widows. I want to thank the widows who came out to the widows’ luncheon. The many thank you cards Kerry and I received were a testament that this event was a much needed addition to our annual line-up. We are looking at doing another in the fall. Thank you widows for everything you have done for the Shriners. A special thank you to Debbie & Gale Bennington and Brenda Pieper for their hard work putting it together!

By the time you read this our ceremonial will be over. I know this event went great. Robby and Pam really stepped up to make this event super cool and great fun! I also know we had a big class because the membership team has been cranking this year. It was an amazing experience to both honor my parents at the ceremonial and have my oldest son join our ranks. This will be Gavin’s first Camel’s Tales as a noble. Gavin, I love you and I hope the Shrine is as fulfilling for you as it has been for me. You will not come to know a more amazing group of people ever in your life than the Shriners and their ladies. That my son, I can assure you!


We have lots of great things coming in May and June. Get your reservations in for the Mother’s day Brunch. Our outer guard Jack and Gail are in charge of this event and are working to make it a wonderful Sunday for MOMS!

June, we are really busy. First, we have the First Ladies luncheon for our amazing ladies and a Bloody Mary breakfast for the nobles and potential new members on June 3rd. On June 12th we have Horse Hookie, a stag event to Fairmount Park for the Tuesday day time races. We have the Pote’s trip June 18th-25th with 46 people cruising to Cuba and Cozumel. With the crew we have signed up, this is sure to be a great time. Dougal, if you get arrested in Cuba you are on your own. Finally, we cap off the month with a nice simple family event. We are bringing back the ice cream social. Bring out the family or even the extended family for an evening of indulgence on June 30th. We will have low calorie ice cream so you can eat as much as you want, HA!

July brings Imperial Session. If you are going, we need to know ASAP as we can only hold rooms for a limited amount of time. We also have our Gun Raffle. Nobles, this is a very important fund raiser. We need nobles to work weekends at Bass Pro and we need everyone to sell tickets. Tickets are being mailed to every noble. Please try to sell these tickets. They are easy to sell and this money is needed to continue the upkeep of our building. Our ballroom is in desperate need of an update and this fund raiser has the ability to pay for it. We also slid in a night at the Muny on July 10th. We did this event years ago and is where I met Jack and Gail Melton. We had so much fun that night I asked Jack to organize it again. The show is Jersey Boys and is sure to be a good time.

August is no different than June and July with it being an action packed month. August 4th we have the pinewood derby races with our friends from Ainad. August 11th, First Lady Kerry is having the Rock-n-Roll Bingo event to raise money for a new marquee out front to advertise our events and our facility. This way we get rid of the construction sign and replace it with something that portrays our organization in a more professional light, no pun intended. Finally, we have CSSA in Branson so get those reservations in as well before we have to release the rooms.

Review every page of this Camel’s Tales for all the information on the various events. We said we were going to have fun this year and we are doing everything we can to live up to that for you. The hard work pays off when we see our members having fun. It pays off even more when we show non-Shriners how great it is to be a Shriner! Having Fun Helping Kids, who wouldn’t like to do that!

Let’s continue to have fun!


Kyle McEvoy
Illustrious Potentate 2018