Nobles and Ladies,
I am extremely honored and humbled for your faith in electing me the 133rd Potentate of Moolah Temple. I congratulate Illustrious Sir Joe Shivley on bringing us back from the pandemic and getting things rolling at Moolah. Let’s keep the momentum moving and continue to grow! Your Divan is ready to support you and work to keep Moolah great. We continue to focus on Membership, let us work to not only bring in new members, but to bring back the old and improve participation at our events.

I am excited to announce the appointment of Bud Waters to the position of Outer Guard. Bud has been very active around the temple with swing dance, DJing events and working to improve our sound system  in the building. Bud and Judy will be great addition to the Divan.

This is an important year for Shriners International and Shriners Hospital. This is the “Year of Anniversaries” and marks the 150th Anniversary of Shriners and the 100th Anniversary of Shriners Hospital. We will be having events to celebrate these milestones. The year starts off with bus trips to NEMO, Three Rivers and Tiger. This will be a blast. We then have Potentates Presentation on February 19th; this will be a black-tie event and Beth and I welcome everyone out to a night of fun and festivities.

The circus planning is under way, and we will have a circus at Family Arena on March 24 – 27. Now I know you are thinking, didn’t we just have a circus? Well, since everyone had so much fun, we are doing it again. This will get us back on track for our Spring Circus.

Speaking of Spring, our Spring Ceremonial will be May 14th and there will be a celebration that evening for all nobles and their ladies.

We will also have our Sportsman’s Raffle and Feztival of trees this year. These are great fundraisers for Moolah and great Fun for our members and guests. Please plan to participate.

Everyone is aware that I am a MIZZOU graduate, we are going to have a different cheer around the temple this year. If you hear MOO – the response is LAH. Let’s continue to have fun and fellowship and enjoy our “Year of Anniversaries” who knows, you might even see a little Mitch hanging around the Shrine.

As I close, Beth and I are here if you need us, without the aid of the Ladies of Moolah Shrine our temple would not be a success. I look forward to seeing all the ladies at our events and thank you for your support.


Ill. Sir Mitch Weinsting