Time flies when you are having fun! We are now in the home stretch of 2018. I hope you all have enjoyed the year so far and we still have more fun planned.

Our Mizzou bust trip went great. The tigers gave us a victory and the Tiger Shrine did an amazing job hosting us. We also had some Little Dixie nobles in attendance and I enjoyed the time spent with our fellow nobles. Thanks again nobles for being so hospitable.

We had another successful Hospital awareness day in September. I will say however that our results have declined since we lost Schnucks. I think we all need to think about that for a moment. Remember, we are here to support the hospital and we all need to make sure next year we go out of our way to staff as many stores as possible. The sacrifice of time is not significant and we always talk about supporting the hospital but sometimes our actions are not the same, particularly with this event. I really hope next year we will get more participation with this event. The proceeds for several years now have helped our transportation fund. Your effort directly benefits the kids. Please consider this next year when we begin promoting the event.

The wine dinner tuned out to be a wonderful dinner. Great job to Valenti’s and Dennis Burkholder for putting on a wonderful evening. The food was great and the conversations were even better.

Our Southern mini-ceremonial went well. The Cape Shrine club did an amazing job hosting and we brought in 11 new Nobles. The ceremonial cast came down and did a great job as they always do. Thank you to all the Nobles that supported this event.

So what do we have left? Plenty of fun still to come. October 20th will be our Oktoberfest party. This is a membership event. Please bring prospective candidates and enjoy the day. Moolah will supply Brats, Beer (and other beverages) and the Band. We ask that you just supply a dish to share. Please RSVP with the office so we know how many brats to purchase. The event starts at 1:30 PM so we can enjoy the band in our Gazebo and the fall weather. This will be in the Oasis and on the patio outside.

Now is the time to start getting those candidates through their EA degree with the blue lodge. There will be a chance to advance class on November 10th. We had a large class in the spring and I would love to have just as big of a class this fall. The following weekend, November 17th, will be our ceremonial. We have a great day planned for both the Nobles and their ladies. See the details inside for more information. We had a blast in the spring and we hope to have just as much fun this fall with the program we have developed for November 17th. Also, if you cannot make the ceremonial feel free to come out to the after party. This day is not just for the new candidates it is for the Nobles as well to show our newly initiated Nobles just how much fun we like to have while helping kids.

I want everyone to start thinking about the Christmas ball. We will be putting together a package price to not only attend the ball but to have a hotel room and a brunch the next morning for whoever is interested. This is a great opportunity for our Shrine club members to come to St. Louis and enjoy the fellowship. We will also have babysitting and a shuttle service available that night to take you back and forth from the hotel. Kerry and I plan on staying at the hotel as well to enjoy the night out from the kids! We will have final details in the November Camel’s tales so be on the lookout for them next month.
Our second wave of our restoration campaign once again proved to be fruitful. We now are sitting at 66 restorations since we began this campaign. Be sure to engage with these restored Nobles. A list can be provided by the office and we encourage our units, clubs and committees to reach out to the Nobles and invite them back to your activities and meetings.

Our First Lady is working on the new marquee. We hope to have this project done in the coming months so that by 2019 we are able to begin advertising our events directly in front of our building. I think this new addition will be great for advertising our public events like the Circus and our sportsman’s raffle. Units will be able to advertise their events as well.

The year is coming to an end and the winter months are coming. Kerry and I would like to thank everyone who has supported the events we worked so hard putting together for you. We hope you have enjoyed them and will continue supporting them the rest of the year. We have had so much fun and we hope to continue that fun for generations to come!


Kyle McEvoy
Illustrious Potentate 2018