Nobles and Ladies,

It is encouraging to see the units and clubs actively working together to have fun and accomplish goals. Having the time off, not being able to meet and enjoy the fellowship of our friends/brothers has taught us not to take for granted the many luxuries we enjoyed. We should be forever thankful for those who gave their lives and those who risked their lives that we may enjoy what we deem as some of our basic rights.

It has been a wonderful six months with our initial celebration, the Hillbilly Degree, The Jeff Kitsmiller Ceremonial, and your Presentation Ball. Being the first Presentation Ball we didn’t have to worry about snow. A tip of the Fez to First Lady Marsha and all who helped with a FANTASTIC Presentation Ball, as we enjoyed the Moolah Chanters, the Ladue Strolling Strings, Red Skelton’s explanation of the Pledge of Allegiance, and the music of Scott Laytham & Karl Holmes. Congratulations to Dave Schmucker for making it from the vehicle to the door without falling and breaking another rib and cheek bone when he got home. I can not say enough about our Ceremonial Cast, Directors Staff, Chanters, Band, and Arab Patrol for a very impressive Ceremonial. I had a few wives thank me afterward as they had never personally viewed what their Noble did in those fancy costumes and uniforms.

Nobles and Ladies we desperately need your help with the Sportsman’s Extravaganza and Circus. Along with the Feztival of Trees these are our two main fund raisers to keep the lights on and the doors open. Parades are up and going and numerous units are proudly displaying the Fez to the public promoting our Fraternity and Philanthropy—wear it with pride and do not embarrass yourself or Moolah.

CSSA is rapidly approaching in August. We will not have a stated meeting in August as it conflicts with CSSA but we will have a July meeting and one thing on the Agenda is to revise the budget to include bringing the Camels Tales back to print on a bi-monthly basis. Wear your Fez with Pride, say your prayers, and pay it forward. God Bless us all. Yours in the Faith.


Ill. Sir Joe Shivley