Ill. Sirs, Divan, Nobles All,

It has been a stressful time for all of us this past couple of months. Your Divan hopes all are
doing well and staying healthy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families that have
been directly affected by COVID-19.

We are all getting anxious to get out and fi nd some resemblance of normalcy. The Board of
Directors continues to monitor the current events closely. All of us watch the news with anticipation and uncertainty. There are many options and differences in opinion of what is safe. We will remain diligent and conservative in our decisions to keep membership safe.

As you should be aware by now, the Imperial session in Kansas City is canceled. We should be getting information over the next few weeks as to how required voting will transpire. We are still waiting for the decision for CSSA in Springfield. We are promised a definite answer in the first week of June. We are anticipating a June stated meeting should the county allow. We will follow strict guidelines for safety. This meeting may be restricted to conduct immediate business only.

Nobles, as you are aware, we are forced to cancel meetings and events like the spring ceremonial. I am working with clubs to see if we can get some abbreviated version of a ceremonial. I know it has not easy to socialize and talk to prospective members, as well as a Grand Lodge has put a hold on degree work. Membership is key to our success; please make an extra effort to find good men so we can move quickly to make them new Shiners as soon as possible.

Get excited about the restructured Sportsman’s raffl e. This year’s raffl e will not be like the ones in the past. Under the circumstances, I believe Ill. Sir Dean Isbell put an excellent package together. Remember this not only benefi ts Moolah but benefits each of your units and clubs as well. I am very proud of the many groups that have made the best of a diffi cult situation by having virtual meetings, happy hours, and other social gatherings. I participated in some of these events, and everyone who attended seemed to have a good time. Good work to all of you for keeping everyone connected. We are an organization that thrives through social gatherings and fellowship; these events help keep everyone engaged.

I asked each unit to reach out to all of their members to check-in and see if anyone needs assistance. I am happy to say there were no reports of anyone needing assistance. If you fi nd yourself needing assistance, please let us know through the office. We have many members who can get out and help all the while using safe guidelines.

This month’s Camels’ Tales will be our last printed version. Most members can access the newsletter via email and the web. If you do not have access to email or the internet, please let the offi ce know, and a printed version will be mailed to you. Many other temples are communicating in this fashion, and the Moolah Board of Directors has agreed to move forward in this direction to help reduce expenses. Please contact the office if you require a printed version. Please stay tuned, monitor your email, and the Tuesday weekly newsletter. I am hoping that the early phases of reopening will
be forthcoming in the next weeks to come.

Stay safe and stay healthy.


Ill. Sir Russell Georgen