Nobles and Ladies,

The 2021 Circus is history. It did not obtain the financial results hoped for, however, many positive things resulted. Hundreds of Shriners, our families, and friends joined together, bringing high-quality family entertainment to our community.

The committees, units, and individuals work together as a team, generating comradery, laughter, wonderful memories, plus publicity for our magnificent fraternity and philanthropy. In November 2012, Chief Rabban Patrick Hensley asked if I would serve as an Outstate Marshal for one year with the Moolah Divan. It was the beginning of a magnificent journey developing wonderful memories and greater friendships than I ever imagined was possible.

I never understood why Illustrious Sir Bud White and Ms. Sharon felt they needed to invest the time and energies until I walked a mile in their shoes. Mere words cannot express the gratitude Marsha and I have for the many acts of kindness, love, and hospitality we received. We all love compliments and I received two that really “hit home” with me. The first came from a person who wrote me a personal note which read “please continue your efforts helping kids, I can tell when you speak about Shrine Hospitals that you are truly sincere and love what you do.” The other came at a recent awards function when one of the recipients whispered he needed to talk with me at the conclusion. When I later approached him, he said, I want you to know what they are saying behind your back, (I thought OH NO, here it comes) but he relayed “I don’t know you, but they say you are a “good ole boy who has not forgotten where he came from”. That is VERY important to me.

Being allowed to temporarily serve this prestigious position is a great honor in my life and I thank you for allowing me this privilege and I never took it for granted. Many, many, individuals, and groups, too numerous to mention, but again, THANK YOU. I do wish each of you had a Greg and Kathy Jo Dortch at your side and “covering your back”. My wonderful wife Marsha has been supportive, but more importantly, at my side during this journey. I cannot praise her enough, as she represented Three Rivers Shrine Club and MOOLAH Shrine at hundreds of events with dignity and grace while being the recipient of many of my jokes. Wear your Fez with Pride, say your prayers, pay it forward, and practice the GREAT morals and duties learned in our Masonic teachings


Ill. Sir Joe Shivley