Nobles and Ladies,

January was a busy month for your Divan and members of Moolah Shrine. Our first road trip was to Hannibal Mo to install Noble Curt Fahy President of NEMO Shrine Club and their slate of officers. The theme was positive and focus on having fun which was well received by all. Next to my home club of Three Rivers in Poplar Bluff, for President elect Mikhail Stith and his team. Good thing we aren’t judged on our ritual work or we would be on double secret probation. Taco Bell sent a Thank You card for the “van load of Shriners and ladies”who ordered 45 taco’s at 3:00 AM at the drive through. We did miss Uncle Freddie and Jackie, but nobody mentioned Dougal??

Next to Montgomery City to install Noble Bob Sellenriek and his team for MIDMO and his beautiful lady Dixie knows how to organize a great feast and fun evening. The theme and common goal for all is to get back together and have some fun doing what we do best. Many projects have begun throughout our wonderful Temple and others are coming to fruition. The ballroom, Oasis, and associated projects are completed and under budget.

Words alone cannot express our gratitude for many Nobles who stepped up and answered the call during 2020 to navigate the unchartered waters we encountered and conquered. Special thanks to Illustrious Sir Dennis Kelley who spent countless hours during a difficult transition process with the many changes involved, and our Treasurer Richard Weber for his leadership and guidance in many aspects of assisting Illustrious Sir Russell Georgen who was engulfed with a “Perfect Storm”. Too many names to list everyone, but we endured and we will continue to strive to keep this the BEST Temple in Shrinedom. Again, Thank You for allowing me to be honored with this temporary position as YOUR Potentate. Yours in the Faith—God Bless


Ill. Sir Joe Shivley