The year is well under way and we have had an enjoyable time meeting so many of you at the various installation and presentation parties. So far we have hit a bunch with still more to go. We have had a ton of fun and let’s keep the fun rolling! By the time you read this the super bowl party will be over and I am sure it was a success.

The Potentate’s ball is fast approaching on March 3rd. This will be a 70’s theme so reach back deep into the closet and dust off those decades old leisure suits. For the rest of you hit the local goodwill store or take to the internet to find those hidden gems to wear that night. The more we dress the part the more fun the event will be! Please get your reservations in to the office ASAP.

I would like to congratulate all of those officers that have been elected to leadership positions in 2018. If you need any help in making sure your unit, club or committee has a great 2018 just let us know. The divan is here to support Moolah Temple, which means we are here to support you!

Our Circus Chairman Don Taylor and Circus Director Ron Reynolds and the rest of the Circus Committee are off to a great start and we need everyone at this point to work as hard as they can to raise money for this event. So, what can everyone do to help promote this event? First, put a bumper sticker on your car. Second, grab a yard sign and put the yard sign in your yard, your place of business, and/or anywhere you can that will get noticed. Third, hand out children’s coupons to friends, family, and co-workers. Fourth, sell tickets to whomever you can. Just make a mental note to ask everyone you see over the next few months if they want to go to the circus. Lastly, try selling ads. Ask your place of business or personal vendors. Insurance advisors, investment advisors and other people you do business with are great people to ask to see if they have an interest. They make money off your business and many are willing to give back, all you have to do is ASK! Worst case they tell you no, but without asking you will never know if they would have been willing to do it or not. Give it a try and see what happens.

The membership team is off to a great start with our first strategic meeting under our belt. The next step is to hold bi-monthly membership meetings to get the resources lined up to effectuate our plans. Please make sure your unit, club or committee sends at least one person to the meetings so they can bring back to you our plans and help execute on them.

Our spring Ceremonial will be May 5th. That night we will have an “Around the World” pub crawl after we watch the Kentucky Derby. The event will conclude in the oasis in Mexico to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! We ask each unit to pick a country in advance and submit their country theme for their room to the office as we will be making up passports for each person to take on their journey. This event requires all of us participating to make it fun. Even if you do not have candidates to bring in on May 5th invite future potential candidates to the party that night. The only way for us to bring in new members is to show them how much fun they are missing by not being a Shriner. Our events are a great way to show non-Shriners the fun we have while doing great things for our Hospital Patients. So make sure you bring people that night, the pub crawl is the perfect type of event to show case the various rooms and groups within our fraternity.

With May 5th fast approaching now is the time to begin getting your candidates through the blue lodge and in to a C2A class so they are ready by May 5th to become Shriners. The May 5th ceremonial is about our legacy. Look for legacy candidates to bring in on May 5th. I am working on getting my oldest son and my niece’s husband ready by May 5th. Look at the youth within your lives and see if there are any legacy candidates you can bring in for the May 5th ceremonial! Wouldn’t it be great to bring in a whole group of sons, grandsons, and nephews all in one ceremonial? It is time to get to work and identify the perfect candidates from our younger generations of family for May 5th. We will have the full calendar of events in the March camel’s tales but know that First Lady Kerry will be organizing a luncheon and other activities the ladies are sure to enjoy that day as well.

We are off to a great start so let’s keep the fun coming! Also, make sure you take care of that special someone in February. We cannot succeed as an organization without the dedication and support from our ladies and widows!


Illustrious Sir Kyle McEvoy