We are at the half way point. I hope the year has continued to progress well for everyone. The ceremonial was a huge hit. We brought in 29 new Nobles that day! And once again the passport party turned out fantastic. The Mother’s day brunch was a wonderful day. A tip of the Fez to Jack and Gail Melton for such a wonderful event for Mom! Those centerpieces Gail made were absolutely amazing. The Ainad parade was rain free so that was great for us to enjoy the large crowds of people. It always amazes me just how many people come out to support the Shriners and what we do. We also made $4,700 at the Lincoln Driven to Give event. A big thank you to John Tremblay for securing this easy fundraiser!

June brought some more action. We had the Horse Hooky for the guys and prospective candidates. The guys seemed to enjoy it a ton and I had several requests to do it again. Unfortunately that will have to wait until next year. I do want to apologize to the guys that went for the debacle with my son. A phone call at 4:30 that day resulted in a detour which in retrospect was unfair to everyone else. I do apologize to each of you that went for the inconvenience. The Potentate’s trip went great. We only had a few hiccups with a lost wheel chair and Dougal taking a spill. Dougal had us worried but he pulled through just fine. Next time just tell us when you need more attention Dougal! Cuba was very interesting. I think all of us that went learned a lot. Our leadership can have its differences but at the end of the day people are people and are inherently good. The people of Cuba were very welcoming and I was left with the impression that it would be in the best interest of everyone to just get along. The good news is that no one joined the communist party while we were there as it was evident that system is flawed. I did for the sake of Moolah represent our Temple in the belly flop contest and the sexiest man contest on the ship during our day at sea. Unfortunately I did not win but finished a respectable 4th and 3rd respectively. The ice cream social has not happened yet but I am sure it went well. I hope those that attended had a great time to cap off the month of June.


Our membership efforts continue to go gangbusters. Our special restoration promotion did great. As of this writing we restored 42 Nobles and that does not include the last few days of the promotion.

So, what does July bring? We have the Imperial session in mid-July and we have won a few awards to my knowledge. We won the silver membership award and because of everyone’s hard work and our restoration push at the end we achieved the Imperial Potentate’s I AM R U Challenge! We also got Honorable mention for the Dromedary awards.

The most important thing in July is the gun raffle on July 28th. WE NEED TO SELL TICKETS. As a reminder the top 3 ticket sellers earn great prizes. The prizes are: a week vacation in Florida for first, a three night stay in Reno for second, and a $500 gift card for third. So sell tickets for yourself and your unit, club or committee. Remember your group gets to keep $5. We are behind last year’s number so we need everyone to do the best they can in this final push. Also, plan on coming out that day for the big drawing party.

So, now we are to August. Lot’s going on in August. We have the joint Moolah/Ainad pinewood derby party August 4th. We have the First Ladies fundraiser August 11th and continue to have a need for Auction items. Whatever you can get us would be greatly appreciated. Then CSSA hits us in Branson and we have lots of exciting things to do for you. Shortly after that the Mizzou Game bus trip will be heading to Tiger Shrine Club on September 8th so make sure you reserve your spot quickly as spots for this trip are limited.

Review every page of this Camels’ Tales for all the information on the various events. It is very important to get your RSVP’s in TIMELY for the various events.

We are hard at work on gathering information for the ballroom renovation and expect more details to come soon that we can share with all of you. We hope this renovation will boost our rental business while also upgrading the facility for our own use.

I am proud of what we have accomplished this year. Everything seems to be going successfully. And that is only because of all of your participation and hard work. It is exciting times at Moolah and I am proud to be a Shriner! I hope you are too!


Kyle McEvoy
Illustrious Potentate 2018