Ill. Sirs, Divan, Nobles All,

Wow, February is already here! Before I lose your attention, do NOT forget your valentine. Our ladies deserve a day of appreciation. I thank each of them for their hard work and allowing our nobles time to participate and work for our cause.

The Circus is right around the corner, sell those tickets! Get your bumper stickers on your cars and put out your yard signs. Ads have been down over the past few years. Please reach out to any businesses you may know to see if they will be a sponsor or buy an ad. Ad packets should be with your group’s circus coordinator.

Nobles, Circus is a temple callout. We need everyone to come out to help out. It has been getting hard for the units to find workers for novelties. Please see your coordinator for the Circus and help him by volunteering. If everyone signed up for one show, then everyone will be able to enjoy the Circus. I see many dedicated nobles, ladies, and youth working the entire week of the Circus. I know they would like to enjoy the fellowship in Tent City and see a show with their families as well. If your unit, club, or committee does not have a circus coordinator or novelty booth contact Wally Bowmen, he can use help or find you a group that needs help or see Ron Reynolds. There is always something you can do to help. Get involved, have fun, and support our Circus.

The Potentate’s Ball is Feb 22. Get your reservations in soon. We will be featuring All Mixed Up on stage — a band of seven including three pieces of brass. You may have seen them at Fast Eddies. Their web site is at Please take a look; they play a mix of everything, so everyone should enjoy this fabulous evening filled with dinner, music, and dancing. The evening will start at 5:00 PM for cocktails so to get the band on stage by 8:00 PM.

The Sportsman Raffle will be getting into full swing after the Circus. Ill. Sir Dean Isbell is chairing this committee and is looking to make it another great year!

It is shaping up to be a great year. Terry and I thank you for your support. The entire Divan has been enjoying our travels and visiting with everyone.


Ill. Sir Russell Georgen